About Us:

The Route 1 team, a close-knit family of entertainment enthusiasts, combines decades of industry experience, creativity, and dedication to be your ultimate entertainment destination.

Our Story:

Born from a deep love for extraordinary entertainment, Route 1 emerged over 23 years ago. Our simple idea: to deliver outstanding service and the magic of diverse entertainment, all from one trusted source.

What Sets Us Apart:

At Route 1, we’re more than sellers; we’re enthusiasts, dreamers, and storytellers. Our passion drives us to source the rarest vinyl and iconic DVDs while offering fast delivery and accurate product information.

Our Commitment:

Our commitment goes beyond a product catalog. We craft positive experiences, enabling your customers to relive life’s moments through artists and filmmakers, finding and embracing the unique stories in every piece.

Why Choose Route 1:


With decades of experience in the industry, we are your trusted partners on this entertainment journey. Whether you’re an existing friend of ours, looking for a new or alternative supplier, or simply looking for something different, just get in touch.

Personalised Service:

We take the time to understand your specific needs and preferences, so we can provide you with a bespoke service to give you that competitive edge.

Worldwide Reach:​

Our network spans the globe, allowing us to source and supply the best entertainment in the world wherever you are based.

Quality Assurance:

We’re committed to quality. Rest assured that every product we offer meets the highest standards of excellence.